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October 3-4, 2024 | Orange County Behavioral Health Training Center, California

Organized by the International Vietnamese Mental Health Association (IVMHA), this inaugural conference aims to bring together international Vietnamese mental health professionals, scholars, students, and community members for meaningful discussions on ways to improve the mental well-being of our communities. Symposiums and workshops will be used to highlight the significance, lessons learned, and proposed solutions to an issue in a variety of thematic areas.

More details to come!

As we prepare for our 2024 Conference, we value your input to help us plan effectively.
Kindly take a moment to complete our General Interest Form.

Request for Presenters

We invite presenters to facilitate symposiums or workshops (90 min each) centered around one of the identified themes below. We also welcome Vietnamese-speaking presenters. 


Symposiums are focused sessions (90 minutes) in which multiple speakers present information related to a
unifying topic. A symposium should include 2 to 4 brief presentations (15-20 min each) of research, practice, or
educational content, followed by an interactive facilitated discussion. Each symposium should have a chair, who is
the main point of contact for the session and is responsible for inviting speakers and ensuring that all presenters are
aware of the correct date, time, and location of the session.

Workshops are sessions (90 minutes) in which participants can learn and practice a particular skill. A workshop
should have an informational component and a practice component. Workshop presenters should clearly state why
they are qualified to conduct the workshop.

Presenter Timeline

Interested in being a Presenter? Join us! Submit your proposal here (DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MAY 27):

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